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Setting up an account with us is easy - simply fill out this online application form, including your payment option (VISA, MC, AMEX), and an account will be created for you. Upon processing of your application, we will email your FTP upload account login information to you, along with detailed instructions on how to create download links to the files you have uploaded as well as other information about using our service and accessing your account.

Step 1: Understanding DTI's Credit Card billing process

Your credit card will be charged once per month at the close of your billing period for services rendered during that billing period. If your usage exceeds $500 during a billing period, we reserve the right to charge your credit card for services rendered prior to the end of a full billing period. Additional disk storage may also be purchased at a rate of $5.00/GB per month.

A one-time $9.90 account processing/setup fee will be billed to your credit card when your application is processed.

Step 2: Choose Your Monthly Billing Plan
Please choose the monthly billing plan that best fits your needs: For $9.95/month, you get 10GB of transfers included with 100MB of disk storage. For $19.95/month, you get 20GB of transfers included with 500MB of disk storage. For $99.95/month, you get 100GB of transfers included with 1GB (1000MB) of disk storage. Transfers beyond the included amount are billed according to our pricing schedule.

Monthly Billing Plan:
(Choose one)

$9.95 per month; includes 10GB transfers/month & 100MB disk
$19.95 per month; includes 20GB transfers/month & 500MB disk
$99.95 per month; includes 100GB transfers/month & 1GB disk

Step 3: Calculate Credit Card Charges